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AIMS Network Website

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AIMS International Management Search is an international network of about 80 consultancies. All AIMS members are medium-sized companies that are economically independent. They are respected leaders in their own countries and operate businesses with an international focus.

The goal of the AIMS website is to promote the Network as a worldwide provider of executive search services by making current recruitment and Human Resources information available to existing and potential clients, as well as to business partners and vendors.

The website consists of two main parts. In the "front end" of the site -- that part visible to the general public - developers had to create innovative features that could absorb large quantities of new content onto site pages.

In the site "back end" -- a set of sophisticated, yet user-friendly administrative screens known as a Content Management System ("CMS") - developers were challenged to create screens that would allow AIMS' administrators to delete, add and enhance information used on the site. This CMS component was particularly challenging because AIMS wanted total autonomy over site content following the production phase.

"Front End"
To accommodate large quantities of new content, developers inserted drop-down menus that lead to sub-pages. Text links between module sub-pages further improve user's access to site content.

Designers controlled navigation layers by adding floating layers over existing sub-pages. This approach allows users to maximize and print additional information -- such as Study Cases, Board Member and Team Leader Biographies, and News and Articles text -- as normal web pages.

Designers added an intriguing new Locations Flash Map to the site that allows users to zoom in and out and easily locate offices, detailed company information and contact person profiles. Users may also access Profiles through the Select Country and Select City drop-down menus located on the Home page.

"Back End"
Site developers constructed the CMS so that AIMS administrators could maintain the site without ongoing assistance from developers and designers.

Through the CMS screens, administrators not only feed text to the entire site, but apply predefined text styles, change text color and alignment, add bulleted lists, insert images and tables, and change the background, color, size and alignment of the text within the tables.

The Locations screens of the CMS allow administrators to add/delete/edit new countries, cities and offices, and all related information. Administrators can place new office locations on the map with only a mouse click, which prompts the System to save the map coordinates of the office and properly display new locations on the map that appears in the user area of the site.

The system also anticipates future -- and possibly radical -- changes to site content by checking for content in a page section before displaying the section's title. If no text is found under a given section, the System displays an "Under Construction" message.

The Comcast Store

Comcast, founded in 1963, has grown from a single-system cable operation into one of the world's leading communication companies, focusing on broadband cable and commerce. Comcast is the US' third largest provider of cable services; currently, the company is expanding its cable operations to include digital services.

TheComcastStore is a key resource for all Comcast marketing needs. The Client wanted to expand and enhance The Store to make it easier to find and order everything to market Comcast products and services.

The most important strategic goal of the Comcast Store 2.0 site was to replicate the current Comcast Store into a platform that could grow and accommodate the future capabilities of version 3.0 and beyond. Improving the site's functionality and reporting mechanisms was the second objective of this redesign.

Solution: Along with the interface redesign and the complete replication of the existing site, the development copy of the site database was redesigned to match the site's new logic, functionalities and architecture in order to:

  • provide compatibility with other Comcast sites targeted for future integration
  • provide better scalability of the site
  • prepare the site for high loads of operation
  • reduce the requirements and costs for hosting
Some of the new or enhanced features of TheComcastStore site:
  • Personalization - allows the site to offer filtered and targeted content based on the user profile.
  • Analysis and reporting tools - the site provides aggregate information and research data using two different approaches: common traffic and usage reports and specialized reports.
  • Site security - addressed in multiple levels and aspects
Click here to visit www.comcaststore.com

Wineosaur is Charmer Industries' primary wine and spirits marketing toolkit. The site has been developed to handle distributor data, brands by market and variety, provide versatile supplier and distributor reports and analysis.

The site has grown tremendously in terms of data and features, which requires constant rewriting of code, bug fixing, and addition of new features. It has been a constant challenge and effort to keep the site's functions at an optimal level.

Constant changes and updates have been considered in a broader perspective. Wineosaur 2.6.1 and 2.6.2 new releases were discussed in view of speed and efficiency requirements. The new releases involve overall site structure, code and design optimisation.

The following general goals have been met with 2.6.1 and 2.6.2 releases:
improve the site's functionality and quality
provide compatibility with Wineosaur Administrative site and other company sites in view of a further future integration
provide better scalability of the site
prepare the site for high loads of operation
reduce the requirements and costs for hosting


  1. Speed optimization - ALL Producer and Supplier Reports Sections have been reengineered to achieve 10-16 times faster processing
  2. Code optimisation - ALL pages have been reworked to meet current company requirements for code quality and performance
  3. Performance -
    1. "Speed measurement" has been added to all pages to assure the site can take high loads of operation
    2. Code signoff by a QA engineer is required for each new or changed page
    3. A custom-built database wrapper library has been used to achieve faster data processing, easer, faster and error-free development or changing of site pages, easier maintenance and error handling
  4. Layout optimisation - top frame has been removed to increase report area by up to 20% (on 800x600 resolution), style has been applied to scroll bars (IE 5.5+) and a site icon has been created (IE 5, NS 6)
  5. Reports - better and more complete reporting has been achieved by adding new selection criteria - account type and style for Wine List Creator, Zagat 54+ Wine List Analyzer, optimizing the database (Wine List Analyzer), adding new reports - Producer Placement (by state). Reports are now based on only the most current wine lists. An "Outdated menus" automatic email is generated to alert respective major Market Managers.
  6. Error trapping - errors are "captured" by site and reported via email to site developer, which theoretically allows response in 10 minutes. In addition reports are stored in "error log file" for further processing.


The Hi Tech Parts ("HTP") Web site is a sophisticated B2B solution that includes certain B2C elements.

The site -- a web-based, virtual stock exchange where electronic components dealers post parts inventories (computer chips, transistors, resistors, etc.) -- allows parts dealers, brokers and resellers to communicate with each other directly and indirectly. In addition, the HTP site includes a Web Site Builder System that offers a wide selection of ready-to-use templates that subscribers can use on their own web sites. Once operational, subscriber web sites can interface and take advantage of many of the functions available on the HTP main site.

The client, HTP, wanted their partners and customers to have a visually stimulating, highly sophisticated site that featured advanced user interfaces. HTP also wanted to project a "high tech" business image, both visually and functionally, to promote the advanced design of their database.

Solution: In response to HTP's vision, Division created a set of "techno looking" page templates, a series of sophisticated search and reporting tools and a comprehensive set of back-end administration pages that allows the HTP technical staff to manipulate and update the site. The finished site promotes the image of HTP as a seasoned, serious provider of B2B services.

Click here to visit www.hitechparts.com

Beverage Distributors Company, LLC

For over 20 years, Beverage Distributors Company, LLC ("BDC") has provided distribution services to the Colorado, US spirits, wine and beer markets.

BDC was confronted by a serious challenge from Southern Wine and Spirits ("SWS"), its chief competitor, which has begun to offer online depletion reports - in the form of downloadable PDF files -- to suppliers. BDC had a minimal Web presence and supplied depletion reports as monthly print outs from its mainframe computer.

Division moved company-supplier communication online by radically revising the supplier section of the Web site so that BDC could regularly post supplier reports, which suppliers could download at their convenience. In this manner, BDC made its suppliers active participants in company-supplier communication. By revising the graphic design used throughout the site, Division communicated the corporate image AND signaled BDC's new competitive posture.

In addition, a dynamic administrative interface allows BDC to create Events Area pages without the support of graphic designers or HTML coders. This capability further enabled BDC to use the site as an easy, but effective, communication tool.

Click here to visit http://bdc.vc-east.com

Schieffelin & Somerset ("S&S") - eArchiver

Founded in 1794 and based in Manhattan, S&S is one of the leading importers of ultra-premium wines and spirits in the United States.

S&S wanted to create an archival, web-based database that contained a comprehensive brand information and image library, as well as multiple search mechanisms, reporting tools and dissemination capabilities.

Division installed eArchiver™, its turnkey online digital archiving and library system, onto the site. This sytem permits product information, press clippings and vital business documents to be archived and distributed as .PDF documents. Authorized S&S staff members can perform archive administration tasks remotely assuming they have an Internet connection. Downloadable snapshots of the database can be used off-line. The system features advanced Broadcast e-mail functions (another application recently developed by Division) to selected user groups; structured database queries; an archive circulation matrix; online CD mastering capabilities; and multi-tiered password protection.

Click here to visit the Schieffelin & Somerset site

Rittenhouse Financial

JeremySiegel.com is dedicated to providing market research and insights to help financial service professionals and investors reach their long-term investment goals.

The company wanted the site to offer sophisticated functionality and services for its database of paying subscribers: historical financial market data; a library of professional presentation materials; online market commentary, including articles and reviews; lectures and class lessons;and a user message board.

Division developed a complex database to support the diverse functions offered on the site, enabling the site to offer a comprehensive selection of downloadable documents, an array of subscription services and a user-friendly message board system.

Click Here to visit www.jeremysiegel.com

Schieffelin & Somerset ("S&S") - Tradepages

Founded in 1794 and based in Manhattan, S&S is one of the leading importers of ultra-premium wines and spirits in the United States.

S&S wanted to develop a trade communication network/platform to facilitate two-way exchanges of messages, product information, and images to members of the trade, distributors, field salespeople and US Concepts, Inc., a provider of S&S marketing services.

Division created a comprehensive web portal that features an exhaustive database of current industry, brand, vendor and customer information. By applying sophisticated graphic designs, Division skillfully organized and prioritized large amounts of diverse information and through a SQL database, supported dynamic features of the site, including the News section, Distributor locator, and Dynamic Web Calendar.

Through these means, Division converted the web site into a business hub that featured Real Time Stock Quotes, On-line Product Training, Advertising Information and Interactive Brand Knowledge Suites, Product Surveys, a National Promotion Event Calendar, and Web boards.

The downloadable Profit Calculator (for instantly calculating beverage cost and profit) and fLogo™ fonts (True Type fonts rendering camera-ready art as characters) compliment the unique capabilities of the site.

Click Here to visit www.trade-pages.com

Brody Communications, Ltd.

Since 1983, Brody Communications, Ltd. has worked with Fortune 1000 companies around the world to help individuals and teams communicate and perform more effectively. The company's employee coaching and consulting services places special emphasis on workplace communication and etiquette.

Brody requested a comprehensive web site that would highlight the credentials, coursework and publications of founder, Marjorie Brody, and her team of high-powered trainers.

Division assembled graphics that represented workplace communication situations that project Brody's commitment to workplace professionalism and communication. The site includes a Demo Video of Marjorie Brody's training style, a subscription service to an e-newsletter, and a rotating "Question of the Month" survey. In addition, the site features a well-stocked shopping area that promotes publications, CDs and videos written and produced by Marjorie Brody and her staff.

Click Here to visit www.Brodycommunications.com

November 5, 2006
Division won a 1st prize in section Web design - Entertainment and Hobby at “Computer Space ‘06” web-site competition with the site www.uno-sofia.com

June 6th, 2006
Division officially launched the new and improved web-site of the chain of restaurants “UNO” - www.uno-sofia.com

3 February, 2005
The renewed and improved S&Co Press Archive site will be live on February 28, 2005!
Changes include…

15 December, 2004
Wineosaur 4.1 is already LIVE! Wineosaur is Charmer Industries' primary wine and spirits marketing toolkit.

May 18, 1999
Division signed a partnership contract with iConcepts™, Inc., a high-end technology consulting company.

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